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Do Gutter Guards and Covers work?
We’ve all heard the saying if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. In our experience that is the case with gutter guards. We know because we use to sell and install them. We’ve also found that the “Never Clean Your Gutters Again” designs are pure fantasy, that can turn into a nightmare, being the homeowner trusts them and never cleans or checks them again.

We have found that in the Pacific Northwest elements there is no such thing as “maintenance free”! Periodic maintenance on your home may not be convenient, but is surely necessary to keep your most precious investment protected for years to come.

At CJ Gutters we have experimented with many products that claim to keep debris out of gutters. We’ve sampled covers, screens, sponges, plastic inserts, and all of them failed. Even micro screens that can keep needles out quickly become covered and then water can just pour right over the gutter.

What if water pours over the gutters that have covers on them?
Clean your gutter covers off, but you could have saved yourself a lot of money and worry by just having your existing gutters and downspouts serviced and cleaned. Instead of purchasing new products for your gutters that often cost two, three and even four times the cost of the original gutter system.

How often should gutters be cleaned?
At CJ Gutters we have found that once in mid to late spring and then again in late fall towards the end of November when nearly all the leaves have fallen and the windy days have subsided.

At the very least once a year in late fall is very important. This will also help your gutter and downspout system last much longer.

Remember: your gutters are a catchall for everything that comes off your roof. Believe us when we say there is some nasty stuff that comes off a roof! Things most people would not even think of!

Another advantage to having your gutters cleaned or maintained by a professional is they can spot potential problems like missing shakes or shingles, or holes in the roofing or missing flashings or animal penetration thru siding and soffit areas that could lead to future problems.